supah moon

supah moon by eleven photography

Unless you live under a rock, you know that there was a super blood moon lunar eclipse the other night.  The last one was before I was born, and the next one is in eighteen years!  As I usually do, I turned to my dad to come up with a plan for us to catch the event.  He is just the best at knowing when and where to be to see certain things.  He did the heavy lifting, scoping out a spot, and I showed up at the appropriate time with my gear. Between us, we had three cameras set up; one each for close-up shots, and an additional one for a time lapse.  We had perfect conditions, with a totally clear sky and reasonable temperatures.  It was all fun and games until my battery died.  And then my spare battery died (RIGHT BEFORE THE FULL ECLIPSE).  Luckily we were…Read More